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  We are hiring. We want you if...
1. You have taken risk and failed !
2. You made something happen against all odds..filed an RTI.. adopted a street dog? or managed to keep a plant alive for more than a month
3. You studied one field and have made a career in completely different field
4. You think that nothing is rocket science except of course, rocket science !
5. You are the first person in the generations to go to high school
6. You went against your parents wishes to do something and the rest of the world thinks that you are crazy
7. No matter what was the financial condition of your parents, you managed to make some money before you turned 18
8. Your mission statement is "I will figure it out" !
9. You think that no work is beneath you (including cleaning toilets and class room) !
10. You Were you laid off from a job but managed to bounce back
11. You ran away from your parents home
12. Your first ten sales calls were failures but you still kept it on and eventually made it!
13. You can laugh at your failure
You have run a full marathon, climbed Mount Kilimanjaro, have tracked to Everest Base Camp (or better, Everest itself)
15. You eloped and got married to your sweetheart because he/she was the one

Finally..You can calculate 18 multiplied by 16 without a calculator :)

The founders are looking to build a second line of leadership so they can retire eventually :)

Lend A Hand India is adventure which started with 20000 rupees ($500) is now reaching 800,000 young boys and girls across 8500+ schools in 23 states/UTs across India. Our flagship program integrates vocational training with secondary school education as part of the school curriculum within school timing and on the school premises.

See a short film about our work here

Desired Qualification:
We believe that formal academic qualification is no indicator whatsoever of what a person is passionate about and what he/she is capable of doing. Hence, there is no formal academic degree requirement. If you have relevant experience for the job that you are applying for, great ! but if you don't , please don't let that stop you applying ! In short, we are looking for entrepreneurs not employees!

To Apply:
We do not want your resume (do send if you must) Tell a story about you - how did you get to where you are today and what would you like to be and how can we be partners to achieve your dream. Write to HR@lend-a-hand-india.org


About the founders......

We believe the social enterprises are mainly defined by the people who have founded it or running it so little bit about ourselves first´┐Ż

Co-founders of Lend A Hand India come from humble middle class upbriging, mostly grew up in rural India, include an Ashoka Fellow, one who launched first volunteer exchange center in india- a pioneering effort at that time, a banker turned social entrepreneur, worked in more than 10 countries, established first institute in India to train insurance sales agents, has run New York City Marathon every year for last 11 years, member of National Skill Development Agency, winner of US President's exceptional volunteering award, advisor to Government of Maharashtra, part of the team which launched futures and options trading in India, first person to go to high school in his extended family and more...

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