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Help Create a Course in Sustainable Living for Students in Rural India

In collaboration with an international group of permaculture experts, Lend-A-Hand India is designing a training program in sustainable agriculture and sustainable community development for high school students.

An estimated 20 million Indian farmers have given up farming in the past two decades, many migrating to urban areas as manual laborers. Over 200,000 farmers committed suicide over the same time, two thirds of these in the states of Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, and Chhattisgarh.

Worsening agricultural productivity adversely impacts the natural ecosystems in rural areas. In the face of population growth and climate change, it is imperative that we act now to improve agricultural productivity and protect ecosystems.

This project includes:
- A pilot permaculture course at two rural locations in the state of Maharashtra for teachers and students from two schoos affiliated with Lend-A-Hand India
- Development of two permaculture demonstration sites
- Creation of permaculture coursework by translating international instructional materials into local languages and adapting them for local conditions

The course will be designed to empower these rural students to help their communities meet their food, water, and shelter needs sustainably. Training in permaculture based farm design, water harvesting, waste management, locally appropriate building design and construction, and community action will enable better use of local resources, improved self-reliance, and rehabilitation natural ecosystems.

The budget for the pilot permaculture course and demonstration site development is $38,950. Your donation will help catalyze the creation of a new movement in India to improve rural livelihoods, agricultural productivity, and ecological sustainability.

You can donate online via PayPal on the link below or send check on the address below
Your donations are tax deductible in USA and India as per the applicable tax laws (501(c)(3) and 80G)

By Check:
(Make your checks payable to Lend A Hand India, write "permaculture" in memo)
Lend-A-Hand India 784 Columbus Avenue #10G New York NY 10025 USA
Lend-A-Hand India 5 Pitruichha Prabhat Road, Lane #11, Pune 411004 India

More about Permaculture

See the video..how 10 acres of salty desert land was revitalized and made productive using simple permaculture methods !

A wide variety of productive and supportive plants are used on a permaculture farm to maximize resource harvesting and productivity while minimizing the opportunities for unwanted plants

A well considered layout of a permaculture farm focuses human energies and attention where they are most useful, and leaves room for nature.

Andrew Jones will lead the development of this curriculum. Andrew has worked on sustainability, permaculture, and humanitarian projects in Europe, Asia, USA, Mexico and the Pacific for the past 18 years. A permaculture graduate of 10 years, he has consulted to Non-Government and multilateral agencies including CARE International, United Nations Environment Program and the United Nations High Commission for Refugees. As a permaculture teacher, he has taught over the past 6 years including courses in Mexico, Haiti, Hawai'i, Canada and diverse parts of the mainland US. He combines passions as an eco-preneur with a diverse set of interests, skills and experiences.

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Help Create a Course in Sustainable Living for Students in Rural India

PERMACULTURE is a design framework based on ecological principles for creating high yielding agricultural systems that need fewer inputs and less labor than conventional farming.

Productive biodiversity and efficient landscape design on permaculture farms enable maximum utilization of local resources and improve productivity and profitability compared to conventional farms. See a short presentation about permaculture: Click here

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